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Installation of sensors, functions, features, data management, backups, communications, unlimited autonomy,…

Do I need technical knowledge to install and configure sensor stations and the web platform?

No, this new product integrates everything: the hardware, the communications and the web of visualization, everything totally configured to start working in just minutes, plug and play, without technical knowledge.

Why is it safer to have my data in the cloud instead of on my computer?

Smartyplanet cloud has the best security measures so your sensor data are always available and protected because it has an integrated security system in the Data Center.

Is it accessible from any device?

Yes, you just need internet connection and a last generation browser like Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Explorer without installing any software or plugin. It supports smartphones as well as tablets.

Can more than one user use the system?

Yes, you can create as many users as you need. Each user can set up their own dashboards as well as alarms and warnings.

Can you customize the display web?

Yes, each user can set up the platform according to their needs or preferences. The customer’s brand can be customized by incorporating its corporate image.

Do you have a user manual?

No, the application web has been completely designed for an intuitive and visual use, without needing manuals.

Can you have more than one sensor stations at the same account?

Yes, every account can have multiples sensor stations spread over the world.

Are the new versions of the program included in the price?

Yes, all the updates and improvements that are made are automatically published and accessible to all users.

Shall I need to contract a data plan with the telephone company?

No, Smartyplanet’s monthly fee includes: communications, hosting platform, maintenance, program licenses and everything you need in just one payment.

Can I use the collected data by sensors in third-party applications?

Yes, Smartyplanet believes that sharing helps us to  improve and create value, so the Smartyplanet platform has an API that allows the use of the collected data by the sensors to third applications. You can also download the data in standard formats as Excel or CSV.

Does it work anywhere?

Smartyplanet’s sensor stations are equipped with a quad-band GPRS modem that allows it to operate all over the world whereas GSM network coverage is available.

Does it need power supply?

No, Smarty’s snow runs wirelessly and uninterruptedly in high-capacity solar power, including the solar panel, high efficiency charge controller and Lithium Ion batteries.

Does it resist the inclement weather?

Yes, sensor stations are made of resistant materials to the most hostile outdoor conditions, tested in high mountains and at very low temperatures.

Is there a backup of the data?

Yes, the databases that host the sensor data are redundant and are backed up daily to ensure their safety.

What happens if the GSM network temporarily does not work?

Smartyplanet’s sensor stations have an internal memory to store up to 40,000 readings. In case of loss GSM coverage, the data are stored in the stations and sent to the cloud as soon as the GSM coverage is reset.

How often do the sensors read?

By default, measurements are made every 15 minutes and sent to the cloud every hour. These frequencies can be configured according to the needs of the customer.

Can new sensors be incorporated or specific developments carried out?

Yes, Smartyplanet is a flexible, modular and scalable system that can be adapted to the needs of our customers, both in terms of sensors (hardware) and web functionalities (software).

Smartyplanet is a group of engineers, programmers and interface designers. We have extensive experience in the field of engineering and we are specialized in wireless sensor networks (WSN) serving the Smart Cities. We develop and produce our own software and hardware to offer our customers complete and reliable solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT).

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